Sample Preparation

Filters, Syringes, Vials, Caps, etc.

Products for Sample Preparation

Some work steps still need to be carried out before the actual analytical measurement of a sample: the analytes are purified and enriched, reagents are added or interfering substances are removed.

We carry all products for sample preparation in the laboratory, including various filters and filtration systems, products for SPE solid phase extraction, syringes, sample bottles, closures and valves.

Our Product Offering

  • Filters
  • Vials and Caps
  • SPE Cartridges
  • SPE Equipment and Accessories
  • SPME - Solid Phase Micro Extraction
  • Syringes
  • Tablet Dissolution
  • QuEChERS

Some Brands of our Range

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Special Offers

Special Offers Chromatography & Sample Preparation 2023

Our current catalogue contains a selection of products and special offers for the chromatography laboratory. We presdent numerous bestsellers from well-known brands as well as some manufacturers we have newly added to the range.

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