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Chromatography is a physical-chemical separation process. The separation process of a mixture of substances is based on the different distribution of the individual components between a stationary and mobile phase. The aim of this separation process is to separate complex mixtures and thus to identify and quantify the respective compounds.

In chromatography, there are different separation processes or applications, including HPLC (High Pressure Liquid Chromatography), GC (Gas Chromatography) or IEX (Ion Exchange Chromatography).

As an independent specialist dealer, we offer a wide range of products for chromatography.

Our range of HPLC columns is particularly extensive, with more than 145,000 columns from around 45 brands. Our HPLC column configurator helps you to keep track and find the columns you are looking for in just a few clicks.

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Some Brands of our Range

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Our own HPLC Brand Altmann Analytik

As an alternative to all well-known brand products, we also carry HPLC columns of our own brand Altmann Analytik. Your advantage: equally high-quality products, short delivery times and attractive prices. We fill HPLC columns and pre-columns with all common filling materials such as Hypersil, Inertsil, Nucelosil etc. In addition to all standard sizes, other dimensions are also available on request.

Special Offers

Special Offers Chromatography & Sample Preparation 2023

Our current catalogue contains a selection of products and special offers for the chromatography laboratory. We presdent numerous bestsellers from well-known brands as well as some manufacturers we have newly added to the range.

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