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Our own HPLC brand Altmann Analytik

We also produce our own brand Altmann Analytik to the highest quality. We offer with 30,000 different HPLC columns the largest selection of separation columns in all sizes, packing materials and phases. Of course, also different dimensions are available on request. All HPLC columns are checked separately and exactly and equipped with a column certificate.

We always guarantee premium quality with attractive conditions. Our own brand Altmann Analytik convinces because of its excellent price-performance ratio! Furthermore, you profit from our short delivery time. The average delivery time is 3-4 working days.

Exemplary packing materials of our HPLC columns:

  • µBondapak, Bakerbond
  • Chemcosorb
  • Equisil, Eurosil, Eurospher
  • Gold Turbo
  • Hamilton, Hipak, Hypersil
  • Inertsil, IonEx
  • Kromasil
  • Lichrosorb, Lichrospher
  • Nucleosil
  • Optigel
  • Partisil, Polyencap, Polygosil, Prontosil
  • Repro Gel, Reprobond, Repropak, Reprosil, Reprospher
  • Sphere Image, Spherisorb, Stability, Superspher
  • Zorbax

Exemplary sizes:

  • 60 A
  • 80 A
  • 100 A
  • 120 A
  • 300 A
  • 400 A
  • 1000 A
  • 4000 A

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