Altmann Analytik is a carbon neutral company 

Altmann Analytik is a carbon neutral company

Altmann Analytik has been certified as a carbon neutral company. This means: We have recorded our CO2 emissions*, reduce them as much as possible and offset unavoidable emissions through recognized climate protection projects. 

This is how it works in detail: 

We record our emissions 

Together with ClimatePartner, we have recorded our emissions* and calculated our Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF). We calculated what emissions are generated in our company. These include e. g. electricity use and heating in our offices, transport routes of our employees, business trips, office supplies or packaging and shipping of our parcels. 

We avoid and reduce emissions 

Where possible, we avoid and reduce CO2 emissions. For example, we use electricity from renewable sources and have developed a concept to reuse packaging. From 2023, 95 % recycled materials will be used for packaging and 100 % of product shipments will be climate-neutral. Our next step: By 2024, we will reduce emissions* per order by 30 % compared to the base year 2021.

We compensate for remaining emissions through climate protection projects 

Nevertheless, emissions occur that we are currently unable to avoid. We offset these through climate protection projects certified to international standards: We support projects for rainforest protection in the Amazon region as well as tree planting in Germany. In addition, we support the supply of safe, low-emission cookstoves across Uganda. 

You can find out more about our certification as a climate-neutral company and our commitment here:  

*Indirect emissions occurring outside the company, e.g. from the production of commercial products, as well as supplier logistics and the use and disposal of products or other processes, are not subject to carbon neutrality.