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HPLC columns are especially for the modern analytical chromatography an indispensable and significant element to satisfy the daily requirements in the laboratory.

We are an independent specialist dealer; therefore, we can provide a great selection of HPLC columns. Our product range covers more than 60,000 various columns of more than 20 different manufactures. HPLC columns differ from different separation principles like normal phase, reverse phase and size exclusion chromatography. You can find an exact description of the respective separation principles in our analytics-shop.

It´s not always simple to find the right HPLC column for the respective application, also with regard to our wide range. To counteract this problem, we developed our unique HPLC column configurator. As a result, the search for the suitable HPLC column for your individual requirement is more comfortable and also timesaving. Our column video shows the function of the column configurator. Furthermore, our GC column configurator offers you the possibility to find quickly and simply the suitable GC columns from more than 11,000 separation columns. Of course, our professional team will answer your questions and will support you with reliable advice.

We deliver quickly and reliably HPLC columns almost of all market-leading manufacturers. We guarantee our customers products of the highest quality.

Following you receive a small overview of the central manufacturers:

  • Waters:

    Waters is manufacturing the filling materials and columns themselves, therefore the separation columns are characterized by their high batch-to-batch reproducibility. In our analytics-shop, you can choose from over 4,500 columns of the manufacture waters.

  • Chiral:

    HPLC columns of Chiral are of a high loading capacity, broad selectivity and good durability. They are the most used chiral chromatography products.

  • YMC:

    YMC is a Japanese manufacturer, its range includes classical analytical, chiral and semi preparative HPLC columns. You can find for this purpose in our analytics-shop more than 9,000 products.

  • Macherey-Nagel:

    The quality products of Macherey-Nagel are particularly suitable for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of mixtures and individual components. We can offer a choice of more than 1,000 HPLC columns concerning this matter.

  • Thermo Scientific:

    Thermo Scientific is a brand of Thermo Fisher Scientific. The HPLC columns are of a high quality, not only the classic product hypersil.

  • Shodex:

    As the official specialist dealer of the known Japanese manufacturer, we can offer the whole range. Their products impress with its excellent column quality.

  • Grace:

    You can find an extraordinary wide range and a variety of different HPLC columns with more than 1,200 products in the analytics-shop.

You can find more information to the HPLC columns already listed and the remaining manufactures in our analytics-shop.

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